Luca Hodgkinson – Metic Carmenere

Born and raised in the rugged Priorat region of Catalonia, to an English dad and French mum, Luca got a winemaking Master’s degree in Bordeaux, where he lived in the middle of St Emilion. He’s since made wines on 3 continents, and speaks 5 languages fluently. Over the years, Luca realised he had to unlearn a […]

Domaine Didier Desvignes

Didier Desvignes, vinegrower-winemaker to the soul, is carrying on the work undertaken by his family for over a century. It was at age just 11 that his passion was awakened.He was caught both pruning the vines and trying to name the different aromas in the wines at family tastings.Then, one day, his amused father challenged […]

Will Davenport

Will planted 5 acres of vines at Horsmonden in Kent in 1991, while simultaneously working for a Hampshire vineyard and, unintentionally, this became the beginning of a life-long business as a wine producer. 26 years later the vineyards now make up 24 acres, grown on 5 parcels of land, 9 grape varieties and a multitude […]

Fattoria San Lorenzo

The biodynamic Fattoria San Lorenzo makes probably the finest Verdicchio in central Italy’s Le Marche region. The winery itself is a family run affair headed by Natalino Cognaletti and is based in Montecarotto. Natalino inherited the estate from his father Gino, who himself inherited it from his father Enrico. Enrico was also a master cooper, […]

Casa De Cello

At Casa de Cello, João Pedro Araujo produces wines in two regions DOC Vinho Verde and DOC Dão, a family business that has been dedicated to winemaking in their estates for 4 generations. In the 80’s João Pedro Araujo, started the professionalization of the bussiness at Casa de Cello. The existing vineyard structure was reorganized aiming […]

Ángel Rodríguez – The godfather of Verdejo

Ángel Rodríguez Vidal is known in Rueda as the godfather of Verdejo and is credited with preserving and reviving Rueda’s indigenous Verdejo grape. In the early 1970s, there arose a push to rip out Verdejo completely. Martinsancho, a vineyard of ancient Verdejo vines that had been in Ángel’s family since 1784 and he refused to […]

Albert Mann

It is the result of the union of two great families of winegrowers: the Manns, winegrowers since the beginning of the 17th century and the Barthelmé, the current owners, winegrowers since 1654. The estate is the heart of Alsace in Wettolsheim ideally located in a region with an ancient wine-growing tradition. 
It is thanks to the […]

Everything about winemaker Filippo Filippi seeks to push the limit

Filippo Filippi is the current family member/proprietor of the domain who cares for the secluded vineyards and woodlands that comprise this tranquil place. He is very much a lone wolf in the way that he goes about expressing the distinctive terroir of this land, opting to make wines that embody principles of organic certification, old vines, […]

Céline and Laurent Tripoz, a great life example!!

Céline and Laurent Tripoz are an admirably non-flashy vigneron couple who have been quietly churning out amazingly pure Burgundy for almost three decades. They don’t seem to get the international hype that their wines merit – and nor do they seek it, judging from their humble labelling – but the Tripoz’s low-to-no-sulphur Macon wines might be the best we’ve ever […]

Camillo Donati

Discovering a Pioneer of Natural Wine in Emilia Romagna Italy We got to start talking about Camillo Donati by saying that his wines are produced with secondary fermentation in bottle a classic method not used by anybody else in the area which traditionally produces sparkling wine with charmat, but Camillo Donati is a firm believer […]

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