Natural Growth Wine

Many farmers around the world have spent their lives working their land to make wine, rear livestock, grow fruit and grow vegetables in the same way their fathers taught them.

Moreover, the mindset is: “This is the produce from our back garden, here’s what we can do with it. Come in, pour yourself a glass and I’ll make us something tasty for dinner.”

Championing small, independent winemakers, the hardy souls who put their love and life’s work into the bottle to deliver a unique and inspiring product.

What is Natural Wine?

Natural wine refers to a generalised movement among winemakers for production of wine using simple or traditional methods.  Although there is no uniform definition of natural wine, it is usually produced without the use of pesticides or herbicides and with few or no additives.

Typically, natural wine is produced on a small scale using traditional rather than industrial techniques and fermented with native yeast.

In its purest form, natural wine is simply unadulterated fermented grape juice with no additives in the winemaking process.

“The most excellent wine is one which has given pleasure by its own natural qualities, nothing must be mixed with it which might obscure its natural taste”

Given that the microbiological life of the vineyard is what enables both successful fermentation in the cellar and the creation of wine that is able to survive without a technological crutch, sustaining a healthy habitat in the vineyard for these microbes is fundamental for the natural wine grower.

This microbiological life follows the grapes into the cellar, transforms the juice and even makes its way into the final wine in the bottle. Natural wine is therefore, literally, living wine from living soil.

While no legal definitions of natural wine currently exist, various official-ish ones do, set by groups of growers in various countries, including France, Italy and Spain. These self-regulated charters of quality are far stricter than regulations imposed by official organic or biodynamic certification bodies.

All require a minimum of organic farming in the vineyard but prohibit the use of any additives, processing aids or heavy manipulation equipment in the cellar.

All in all true natural wine accounts for a very small proportion of the wine world.  For these growers, what they do goes well beyond the wine itself, it is also a philosophy, a way of life, which undoubtedly contributes to its profound appeal to people across the globe.

Natural Growth Wine is an independent wine distributor from around the world, championing small, independent winemakers, the hardy souls who put their love and life’s work into the bottle to deliver a unique and inspiring product.

Believing in agriculture that is at the origin of everything, spontaneity and growth that is not forced.

The biological and biodynamic choice as an approach to viticulture and philosophy of life, understanding of what a territory can express through the valorisation of its biodiversity, the culture of wine through taste and senses.

Our Philosophy

Natural Growth Wine has as philosophy as an entity that support the winemakers but mainly allows people to know more about them.

So a genuine link that helps both side to meet.

The main goal of Natural Growth wines is to help ensure that great quality wines are offered not just to high end venues but especially emphasized by small great family venues.

That’s why the research behind quality is essential and working with winemakers whose main goal is not the production but the values.

Based in Exmouth Devon Natural Growth Wine finds an amazing area all around the county, as Devon meet exactly the family and friends sharing value for quality as we do.

About Us


Growing up in Italy and lucky enough to grow up in a family that taught me how valuable the most simple produce is to everyone.

Working for many years in hospitality I developed a genuine interest for natural agriculture, from the hard work on the farms to the finished produce that reaches our tables daily; especially the wine.

Believing that what happens between human and soil is the most spontaneous relationship based on mutual respect.

Working with some very inspiring people throughout my career from whom I learned how enjoyable it is to pass your passion on to others.

Wine is not just an incredible produce but a spiritual emotion, that genuinely brings people together.

Wine is a passion of mine.

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